Web and print design

  • The Split
    Photography, illustration, and layout for a one-sheet for a proposed sci-fi series
  • Le Sélect Bistro website
    Responsive website for Le Sélect Bistro: www.leselect.com
  • The Borderless Sky
    For Markham Street Films Inc: Design of a proposal for a documentary on astronomy
  • Gite.com
    Responsive website for Gite.com, a database of French holiday homes
  • Dov Charney
    For Markham Street Films Inc: Design of a proposal for a documentary on American Apparel


  • Ricard mural
    Design for a mural promoting Ricard.
  • Astrology
    For Sympatico’s astrology website. I wanted to incorporate an image of the contstellation with the symbols.
  • Reading
    For Tiger Electronics: some cartoons from a children’s educational software product
  • Sympatico
    Illustrations for activities on Sympatico’s children’s website
  • EcoSearch
    Illustrations for Ecosearch, an environmental website for young people

Some logos

  • Tablazoom
    Logo for Tablazoom: Restaurant management system
  • Green Heroes
    Logo for Green Heroes: TVO documentary series and website
  • Le Sélect Bistro
    Logo for Le Sélect Bistro: French restaurant
  • Sages
    Logo for SAGES: Exercise program for seniors
  • Walnut Industries
    Logo for Walnut Industries: software company
  • Tools for Transformation
    Logo for Tools for Transformation: education software company
  • Downtown Jazz
    Logo for Downtown Jazz festival
  • Dreamcatcher
    Logo for Dreamcatcher: computer game company

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